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How to Maintain Your Gorgeous Looks After Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is a godsend for individuals seeking a quick-style, low-maintenance option. Keratin improves the condition of your hair and ensures that it remains in that state for an extended period. How effectively your hair looks after a keratin treatment heavily depends on your hair care routine, affecting how long the treatment lasts. Let’s discuss how to maintain your gorgeous looks after Keratin Treatment.

How to Maintain Your Gorgeous Looks After Keratin Treatment

Cut Down on Hair Washing

Because keratin forms a protective coating on hair, the environmental build-up is less likely to cling to it, reducing the frequency you need to wash your hair. If your hair is already relatively manageable and groomed, you may get by with fewer hairstyling tools. Little product build-up will result from this. It will take less time to wash your hair if fewer products accumulate. Less frequent cleaning will help your keratin treatment last longer and look better than frequent rinsing.

Use a Premium Quality, Sulfate-Free Gentle Shampoo

Avoid using low-quality shampoos that include sulfate. Do not use harsh detergents that can strip the keratin coating from your hair. If you have keratin-treated hair, you should use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo because it removes build-up and leaves hair feeling clean and fresh without damaging it.

Avoid Heat Styling

When you get a keratin treatment, your hair will require little maintenance beyond daily styling. It also implies giving up certain things, like heat style, to keep it that way. You don’t need to use heat styling tools like curling irons or similar products because your hair is manageable and looks great. Turn your hair drier to its cool setting for the best drying results. This will significantly extend the duration of your keratin treatment.

Less Styling Products

Remember that keratin treatments make your hair look great all day, even when you don’t use additional styling products. You can get away with using less styling products because of this. Even when applied, creams, gels, and oils should be applied sparingly. To prevent a thick build-up in your hair, use fewer hair products. Because of this, you can wash your hair less frequently using light or gentle shampoo, which will help your keratin treatment last longer.

Use a top-notch hair serum.

If you want to maintain your hair healthy and happy, try a keratin serum instead of salt sprays, hairsprays, or mousses. In addition to removing frizz and nourishing the hair, the Serum also adds instant shine and develops a protective barrier.

Don’t Towel Dry Your Hair

Bath towels are great for drying skin but can be rough on hair because of their high absorption rate. No keratin treatments should be done on hair that has been dried with a towel because doing so will cause more friction, curling, and wrinkles. To avoid damaging your hair, choose a soft and absorbent microfiber towel instead of a terry towel. Without causing friction that can damage your keratin treatment, this efficiently soaks up excess water in your hair.


Keratin treatments are the best option for managing hair. You may get away with very little hairstyle maintenance and yet look fantastic. If you want your hair to appear wonderful all the time without having to treat it too frequently, it must last. Follow these tips if you want your keratin treatment to endure as long as possible. And if you need keratin treatment in Watford, contact us at Jaks Spa. We guarantee the best service and the best hairdressers in Watford.